Experience & trust built Since 2018

PT. Abizard Niaga Utama is the leading manufacturer of premium coconut shell charcoal for Hookah and BBQ.

Since the beginning, we specialize in exporting our products and brands to various markets across the globe. We were established in March 2018 and since than, continously expanded over the years to become an innovative and international operating company as well as a reliable partner in the agriculture waste business industry.

Creating Positive Impact
is a beautiful gift to humanity

Via our firm commitment to product quality, service and our ethical values we have had successful growth since our beginning.

Furthermore, it is our firm belief that financial sustainability is tightly connected with our ability to continuously adapt and change for better solutions and our understanding that every employee´s role in the company is of the greatest importance.

By our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification we express our commitment to ensure that our core values are consistently present in everything we do.


We are here to deliver high end quality charcoal


Brand Customized Provided


Distributed Countries Worldwide

We do it for the greater good of the society

The Foundation of All Our Organic Shisha & BBQ Briquettes and Accessories.


To be world leader of innovative, high-quality, organic Shisha & BBQ briquettes.


We develop, manufacture and supply high-quality, organic BBQ briquettes to the global markets.



  • Quality

    Raw materials – Craftsmanship – Safety – Testing and Certification

  • Innovation

    Modularity – Flexibility – Customisation

  • Design

    Form and Function – Adding a Visual Edge – Usability

  • People
    Skills – Teamwork – Synergy
  • Environment

    Eco- and People Friendliness – Sustainability – CSR

  • Professionalism

    Process – Elasticity – Integrity